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Supplying America with the best brands in site safety and security.

At Site Supply, we source tried-and-tested products from the best brands nationally and internationally. Innovation and quality are the key common attributes in the products that we supply to the construction and rental sectors. We are always searching for innovative brands to include in our portfolio, contact us via the link above.

Our brands

Echo Barrier is the market-leading creator of temporary acoustic barriers and noise mitigation products. With global partnerships, the brand is growing to become the must-have in reducing noise on sites in construction, mining, demolition, utilities, roadworks, events, and anywhere else noise is an issue. 

As noise pollution everywhere continues to rise, Echo Barrier is leading the charge in its suppression. The World Health Organization tentatively estimates that unaddressed hearing loss costs the economy $750 billion every year. 

Their modular noise control system means that all past and future iterations of their H-Series panels are compatible with each other. Manufactured right here in the United States, Echo Barrier also produces a range of enclosures for isolated containment of noise for activities like cutting, drilling, digging, and welding.

Echo Barrier noise control

In 2020, ZND Group has introduced its line of temporary fencing products to the United States. Having honed manufacturing techniques over several decades, ZND Group is committed to producing the best temporary fencing, pedestrian barriers, wire production, and hoarding products in design and specification. With roots in the Netherlands, ZND Group was established in 1965 and has since extended its operations to include the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and now the US, supplying high-quality products from their warehouses around the world

ZND Group invests in the rigorous testing of every single one of their products to be able to guarantee market-leading durability. Their stringent product development has resulted in the prestigious SmartWeld 100 technology, a hallmark of quality in temporary fencing, recommended by hire companies globally for its reliability and safety.

Oxford Plastics USA is a manufacturer of a range of patented site safety solutions, including ground protection mats, road plates, pedestrian barriers, temporary fencing solutions, and trench covers.  Their goal is to provide innovative safety products to construction sites, on street works, and in the event industry, and to do it at a competitive price without compromising on safety. Oxford Plastics recognizes the changing needs of customers and innovates in accordance with them.

Sustainable manufacturing is at the heart of Oxford Plastics. Over its 35-year history, the company has developed a manufacturing process for its worksite safety solutions using a range of recycled materials, and today 95% of its products are made from recycled materials.

Bull Barrier is the modern standard in pedestrian road safety. Its patent-pending linking hinge makes it the quickest barrier system to install on the market, which also lends it a unique lateral flexibility. Bull Barrier focuses on rethinking outdated product designs and bringing them into the 21st century.

Bull Barrier has already been received positively in Europe where it is crash test certified to standard EN 1317-2:2010. U.S.A. test certification is expected by Q1 2020.

The flexibility of a linked Bull Barrier system helps it smoothly curve around obstacles and adapt to the environment in which it is installed, offering pedestrian safety around bends and in demanding conditions.

Noise Defender manufactures high-quality sound-insulating panels for a range of industries, including construction and events. Their effective designs are a result of years of practical experience in the field. With the growing problem of noise pollution insufficiently addressed, Noise Defender brings highly-absorbent acoustic products into urban spaces all over the world to protect workers and civilians from harmful noise. Their aim is to be at the forefront of sound reduction technology and always address user’s needs in their endeavors to minimize worksite noise.

Noise Defender acoustic barriers can help contractors extend their site’s hours of operation and lower operational costs. They are made to improve the overall work environment and maintain a favorable public perception of contractors and construction in general.

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