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Avalon Barrier - 6'6" Pedestrian Barrier

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Avalon barriers provide a robust solution to safety and security issues. The barriers strike the perfect balance between strength and weight and can be securely stacked making them very easy to transport and store. The barriers are of course compliant with all relevant safety standards.

The Avalon Barrier is designed for most pedestrian safety applications such as:

• Surrounding a working area.
• Preventing access to construction projects.
• Displaying signs around construction sites.
Several unique design features of the Avalon include:
• Interlocking grooves allowing them to be stacked easily without sliding apart.
• The interlocking method requires no extra bits – no parts to fall off or lose.
• Replaceable feet.
• Areas provided for signs and stickers.
• Single piece blow moulded construction.

The shape and material used to make the barrier allows it to be both very rigid, resistant to abuse while still being light enough for easy transport. The material of the barrier are also means it will not degrade by being left in the sun, it has a high strength to weight ratio, it is resistant to most acids and bases and it can easily be recycled.

• Colour – The main colour of the barrier can be manufactured to any RAL code, Pantone colour or almost any other colour available – Standard colours are Orange, Blue, Yellow and White.
• Embossing – There is an area of 18.5" x 3.15" on the barrier that can be used for allowing your logo, name, web address or other custom design. The embossing offers up your design as a raised area in the plastic that cannot be removed.
• Stickers – There is a large area (21.65" x 3.9"). We only recommend the use of 3.7" of the height so that the sticker does not have to be perfectly aligned

• Standard Avalon Feet: A one piece construction foot for general purpose use, it measures 24.4" in length for maximum stability.
• Clearpath Feet: This is designed specifically for use alongside pedestrian walkways, so that less room is occupied on the pedestrian side. This foot type is made from three parts. A heavy-weight inner core made from recycled PVC and a two part outer shell made from High-Density Polyethylene.
• Clearpath Extra Feet: New for 2014, this is the next generation of feet for the Avalon Barrier. It has non-trip design on both sides of the foot, achieved by using a rigid GRP moulded rod running throughout.

Key Features

  • Compliant with all relevant safety regulations.
  • Easy to store, stack and transport.
  • Cost effective and durable.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Various configurations possible.
  • Recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Clearpath foot option also available.
  • Branding options available.

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